Saturday, November 27, 2010


aight you damn NERDs!! here is something some of you are up on, and others are not. Cosplay. its pretty much when the world of gaming and comics and anime become reality. Meaning, when people dress up like our fav characters from cartoons and gaming. Those who really enjoy it and take it serious put alot of time and effort into the costumes they create. Some attend the usual gaming and anime events and cons, while others have clubs and role playing etc. Now on the other end, the other bonus is a lot of us guys, admit it or not, have seen characters like Chun Li from street fighter ( hell or any other Capcom female character) and had what say may consider inappropriate thoughts about those ladies. Well, those desires can now be projected onto actual woman you probaly can't have instead. Many, many, many women dress up and take part in cosplay. Some very beautiful and very much nerds as well. So i figured, why not post a few, some are a bit more on the sexy side staying true to the characters and others have more covered up as do the characters they represent. But you gotta give props to the confidence and freedom of those who part take..... Here are a few i posted for your viewing pleasures, enjoy you perverts, myself including. NWB, aka Nerds with Benefits!!.....

....and i promise you there are much more cosplay outfitsm and much sexier cosplay outfits out there. hell there is a porn world of cosplay.... not that i have viewed them or anything, i'm just in the know. Hell, i know about the Bentley Super Sport, but i don't own it, lol. But i kept the few i posted fairly clean. Sexy doesn't have to display all. But also, the detail to hair, costume, lip gloss and eye shadow. everything counts with these outfits. So i will do another on women at some point, but the next will probably display men and women so you can really see the diversity of these costumes and those who rock em.

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